Regular visitors will have noticed some change-ES to the format of this blog, and the whole of McKlatch.com (website like a celebrity’s – for a nobody! – Me!). it’s.. got better*.

Over the past couple o’daiyes I’ve added 4 (count them 4) more pages. two of them remain entirely empty and only myself and Nosebleed know what the Bonus content for the first season entails! oh yeah, seasons! the bonus page will change every now and again, roughly every 4 weeks, or every month if you’re nice to me. can’t tell you whats on it tho, oh no.

4Frames the web comic sensation (among close friends) should be up soon, the first 2 episodes are already in. i just need to find a way to display them. the best thing about 4Frames is that it will be interactive(ish) anybody can write the next episode, and this comic doesn’t require continuity! the concept stands up like this: you get 4 frames! in each of these frames you can draw and/or write anything you want in any style you want (with due regard to copyright laws**) there is one simple basis, it must be collectively funny! here an example of 4 frames in action from another webcomic:

seee, 4 simple images = sooo funny. oh, as there is one simple basis, there is also one simple bias (from me as the owner of the sensation): i favor ‘Anti-Humor‘! there is nothing funny about a man needing a cork, ever, thats just not funny! in fact, it’s wrong. ha ha LOL!

Next thing to address, calls have been coming in from all over (the tagboard – scroll down look left), yes, the ‘about me’ page is new. it didn’t come out how i wanted it to, but I’m still learning* at least there’s something there! other thing, profiles for ma friends? would you like to see a page for each of ma friends, do ya want to see an ‘About Mellors’ page? i don’t need to ask do i? yes, of course you do! idea came up as i read the board:

Make your own page! saves me time, gives you what you want. make it with html, publisher, powerpoint, whatever – then send it to me, and I’ll implement it into the about section.
you can see that i have considered it already in the address bar – the url is mcklatch.com/about/mcklatch!
This offer is limited to people i know personally! sorry people in Finland, your creepy emails just don’t appeal to me. o, and also – i wont post it without a picture (i have needs – creepy disgusting needs)

And now about the ‘forum’ page, been there so so long, been unavailable since i got it! tough ship! the deal with the new forum is that i actually own it, I’m not just renting it out for free like all the other cheapo services we’ve experienced, the difference being that i can edit it as i will to do whatever i want. it’s closed tho, because, i don’t have permission to send automated emails from the very kind people who host this website and many others like it. they don’t give this ability out for free because people like to use it to send spams anonymously. so i applied for permission as well as sending proof of identity (cos spammers don’t rly exist, they just spam). we’re all just waiting for them to confirm and respond! I’ve contacted them since, nothing aggressive though, they don’t deserve that, i get this service for free!

well thats some questions answered, now to sort out the asterixi and then go.

*all holiday and no girlfriend makes Jack a web developer!
**webhost: ‘you can post pron, but you cant breach copyright laws!’***
***every time i use astrixes i feel there could be another pointless one for some reason!
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