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I’ve received complaints about my blog posts not always being written on the days that i post them. so today i guarantee you that this post was typed on the morning of the 22nd of March 2007 (not March the 22nd 2007 <- thats wrong), to prove it, i was just gonna name a news article from this morning, however, whats to stop me from writing last week and just pasting in a headline when i make the actual post. so instead, this article is going further than that, its partialy about last night's daily show! yay!

Tony Snow = Dood (lying dude, to be specific)

he discussed political specticals, like waving paper. waving paper is a huge threat to the whitehouse, i learned this yesterday from Tony Snow! dont wave paper – bits.

flaming babies are a lot like our planet – Al Gore does something about flaming Babies!

do i want to see ‘reign over me’ starring Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler? i dont know, i have a feeling its another, ‘i’d rent it, but not see it in a cinema unless the lady wants to’ (and ain’t got a lady) kinda film. i’ll let you know how it is when i see it!

the show where i got these references can be seen in the UK tonight at 8:30 on More4 who still won’t show the Colbert Report.
ok, end proof of todays knowledge.

may post again later today!
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