When i said that ‘who wants to be a superhero’ was coming to england, the other folks who watched the original series were like, “Really?, where are they making it?” to which i had to explain that it was merely being broadcast (repeated) in England, an English version wasn’t actually being produced.

i know!

at a superhero fancy dress party:
player 1: O hey there, nice to see you!
player 2: yeah, hey, you too, it’s been a while!
player 1: guess who I’m supposed to be *poses*
player 2: thats awesome, you actually look like that spider man
player 1: who are you supposed to be?
player 2: *poses* me Tarzan
player 1: Tarzan is not a superhero!
player 2: 締めなさい
player 1: 性交しなさい
(player 2 kills player 1 with a sponge ball)
player 2: see, i am a superhero!

its the last episode of Heroes tonight!
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