Tribute band idea (courtesy of NoseBleed) – 3 guys, singing and dancing like the Sugarbabes (an all female pop group in Britain, think pussycat dolls but without the stupid TV shows and the 4 members who don’t actually do anything). they sing songs by the Sugarbabes and advertise themselves as ‘The Sugarblokes’

But that ^ aint the funny bit

Right, 3 casual guys, perhaps my age, a wee bit older perhaps. sitting together in a public place where a television is observable. I’m thinking a place with a bench facing a shop window in the distance with TV’s in a London kinda area. This isn’t just a sketch btw, this is a real life event that i want to happen!

On this particular day, the TV’s are showing a special on the Sugarbabes. one of the three casual guys is looking over to watch this show, and his mates notice that he is mouthing the lyrics to one of their songs. his mates you’kno join in, they perhaps even start singing a little bit. now after about 15 minutes of this, they start dancing the dances on the screen. this becomes noticeable (if it wasn’t already) because this joke is on whatever members of the public are around at this time!

So now they’re singing and dancing in this public place, songs and dances as permormed by the Sugarbabes, also, at this stage, it’s getting quite good, 1 or 2 people are actually sitting there watching them, as opposed to leaving when they thought it was just 3 weird and debatably metrosexual guys. passers by even start dropping change within their proximity. people actually think they are such good street performers that they are reaching into their pockets to pull out change.
i only ever give street performers money if they are of exceptional talent (and by trend, they always seem to be guitarists).

they stop now, one of them goes away to get drinks, the other two, and this conversation is quite loud so many people can hear them (they’ve just been singing):
“hey that was fun, we could have our own show doing this”
“yeah, hang on, let me make a phone call”
while his friend dials a number “we could call ourselves the Sugarblokes”
“yeah, that’s awesome!”

3rd one comes back with the drinks as the guy on the phone ends his call. “hey guys!” after putting his phone away “we’ve got our first gig tonight at this club, we gotta go and rehearse!”
“let’s rehearse right here, one more time”
and they do, and it’s the best show they’ve ever done, every passer by stops to watch these three sephiroths of talent perform as the Sugarblokes and afterwards they get hundreds of pounds thrown at them and they take off for rehearsals.

Originally written for one of my stand-ups, but you guys heard it here first!

with an exclusive extended ending:
people still in the area after all of hype has disbanded, may catch something on that TV that started it all. “national superstars the sugarblokes have sold out in….”

people who were there the whole time watching the band develop right from its roots in that square will be like “WTF just happened?”

now, what was i originally going to post today… oh yeah. Linkin Park, arn’t that bad!
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