Started by Dane Cook in the good ol’ daiyes of 2005, The Su-Fi originated during a stand up performance. he said “…the finger is lame now and it’s lost its pizzazz…I wanted to upgrade the finger and so from now on people should use both the ring finger coupled with the middle finger. I called it the SUperFInger (or SU-FI).”
originally clued as an insult, his fans all over the world (America) decided to perform the jest as a sign of peaceful respect. the meaning gradually changing from “double frag you!” into “That’s the truth, and you cant frag with it”
Tis now a gesture i use, when it comes to defending the bible (which is the truth and you cant frag with it) from people who use NIV’s!

I was once on a school trip and a friend from a few years above us decided to pull the original finger out of the rear windows and towards the drivers of fellow vehicles on the freeway. one of the vehicles he managed to throw his insult at just happened to be a coppiceman’s car. he was arrested there and then! the end.

Now, i learned from that, from that point on i was never tempted to throw my finger out of the window any more, not that i ever did. so now I’m thinking, what would happen if i threw my Su-Fi at my fellow drivers on the freeway. would i get arrested? what would i say to the coppiceman who talks to me about it? what will the penalty be?

Anyways, i first heard Dane Cook from his CD ‘Retaliation’, which is funny, not exactly clean all the way through, but it’s funny.

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