I did not leave my home today. i have not left my home since i went into town yesterday. my brother has done worse, he has not left the house since last Thursday when we all went out to dinner as a family. this is bad. he has been on Habbo Hotel over most of those hours trading until he gets the most uber stuff one can get, he’s still doing it right now!

Anyway, with us having not left the hoose, i have again not much to say. so i leave you tonight with three videos. all of which contain content stolen from the Colbert Report and put on youtube. if you watch the 3 clips in this order, it’s like watching the end of a real episode on Comedy Central. i know this, because although it’s not on More4 (yet, please), i have been to the states and stayed up till 11:30 just to watch it!
This first video was chosen, because i like the look of the new Nintendo console known as the Wii. and you can catch Steven playing with his Wii Controller in this feature – mmmmm!

This next clip has a nice song sung beautifully by the Colbert, had me laughing so hard when i first saw it. not so much anymore, this is like the ‘th time i’ve seen it now.

And we end with some talk on the D&D. peace out ya’ll!

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