so, when I’m not out with my favorite girl, i browse the immaculate tubes for other things that make me happy. with much knowledge left from my comedy tour i stumbled upon a web comic in a Google search for anti jokes – jokes that aren’t funny (much like the ‘should you be laughing’ book mentioned here b4) heres a video clip (its a comic):

ha ha ha lol.
heres another:

The comic series itself is called ‘Cyanide and Happiness’ i think it is an apt title! heres one more sample:

LOL FAG, sounds like an amusing superhero name however Major Victory Remains at the top of my favorite obscure superheroes list!

end moment of zen.

now would be a good time to announce that a webcomic will be starting on soon, the first few parts are already in, and the comic pages are in beta testing right now. its a webcomic with a twist, stay tuned for more info!

Also, i was going to post a copy of the year group photo for the most recent image at my school (Latimer Community Arts College class of 2007 rock). there was much debate about seeing if i have to ask each person in the photo if i can have permission to post it, i found out that i didn’t need permission as long as i dont name the people in the picture without their permission, however, i do need permission from the photographers at Tempest Photography, which i cant be bothered to get right now!

something i can be bothered to do tho, is call dr. pepper to ask them to sell ‘Cherry Vanilla’ Dr Pepper in the UK, i’ll do it tomorrow!
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