Soap on a Rope

handheld games consoles are expensive, in fact, there is nothing more expensive than a PSP (a handheld games console)

I saw a production of ‘Soap’ at the royal and derngate last week. it’s a very funny show. it was a pis stake of various television soap operas yet it is performed on stage, the various sets are all variously proportioned on a revolving mechanism which is very well designed. i know it is well designed, because it is interesting!

if one is driving thru Northampton, go and see soap!

i also played Mario Kart DS on a Nintendo DS (a handheld games console):

after the production, the actors gathered about each other on the stage for a discussion with the audience, i asked them if they got to play with the motorized set when they weren’t performing – they did.
i then asked if i could have one in my living room – I was formally informed by them in this informal gathering that it would cost over a grand of sterlings for this system in my house. A motorized rotating living room definitely costs more than a PSP (a handheld games console). punk’d

The Royal and Derngate has recently undergone some renovations, do check the stuff out at this link
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