before reading – note: i wrote this post yesterday and then there was a crash and everything was lost. i got angry and committed suicides because it was a rather long post.

So i used to just watch the Daily Show on more4, it was ma thing. i have TiVo so i could literally sit there and watch TV all day everyday, perhaps for the rest of my life. maybe my wife will turn out to be my TV, that would be cool (yet i hope it does not turn out that way). limiting myself to only watching the Daily Show was my solutions, and since i got TiVo, i have only drifted off a couple of times (generally after the show) for channel flicking and specials.
My limitation has been expanded now though, because FX (a channel owned by FOX) have just started showing the Showbiz Show with David Spade, and Chappelle’s Show with Dave Chappelle. the punchline in the post title being this: all three of the shows that i watch on TV, have titles that end with the word ‘Show’ it must be… Showtime! (ha ha… not that funny) heres a clip from the ShowBiz Show:

dood. that was funny, but he seems to have a very tired approach to comedy. oh well, at least it’s proper TV and not something old like the Friday Night Project – that took time to think about by the way, the Friday Night Project is the only British TV show i can think of that uses segments on a regular basis! the Friday Night Project is old, because it’s still on and nobody watches it!
I wanna gonna post a clip from the Chappelle’s show here now, but i cant find any official ones that work. so no, no you may not laugh at racist humor which is stabilized by the use of a black guy telling the jokes, no you may not!

sorry i took so long to write a new post, i rly am. Dood(1)this post was so much longer before. Dood(2) it’s 10 past 3 in the morning!
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