i dont know what serenity means.

here: se·ren·i·ty: (s-rn-t) n. – The state or quality of being serene.


se·rene: (s-rn) adj. –
1. Unaffected by disturbance; calm and unruffled. See Synonyms at calm.
2. Unclouded; fair: serene skies and a bright blue sea.
3. often Serene Used as a title and form of address for certain members of royalty: Her Serene Highness; His Serene Highness.
4. to enjoy visiting and/or generating notoriety for

[Middle English, from Latin sernus, serene, clear.]

se·renely adv.
se·reneness n.

Wow! i’m so glad the film ‘Serenity’ had nothing to do with the word’s definition!

good film, i got it for winter last year. its about a funny man with a ship. (<- too tired for full synopsis)

theres green squares all over my post where the accents are supposed to be, you wouldn’t get that with HHDVDBVDB

apparently twas the first ever HDDVD to be ripped and pirated over the immaculate tubes. no one could view it tho, it was more of a do it cos i can, even tho its a crime.
The punishment for copyright theft should be execution, then people would stop.
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