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Today i found myself with only 1 hours worth of lessons! this is good, it is very good.
in that extra time that i found myself floating in, i opened a DeviantART account, to which i can post all of my…. Art which is… Devious?
please do take a swift observation at my new account by clicking on the link, which can be found on this very page, at the end of this sentence………………….. here!

thankyou please

i have not much else to write today so i leave you with a short dialogue by Nosebleed which i found amusing:

‘Hello Mr Thumbsdale’ cried Lady Tattersby. ‘Would you like to play some Hat Ball.’

‘No Lady Tattersby, we simply haven’t got the time, for I am going to kill you.’

‘Oh dear, this is terrible news’ she cried.

‘Do not be afraid, my fair maiden it wont hurt a bit.’

‘Oh that’s reassuring, go on then.’

‘I was only joking my dear’ giggled Mr Thumbsdale.

‘Oh I’m terribly disappointed now.’

Peace out. X
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