Ron Paul and Oreos

I fear that the American Government has a solid structure within Freemasonry, i made this deduction whilst having a brief look at the Constitution, i was looking at it because i like Constitutionalists, Vote Ron Paul for President!

16 Things that i have learned working for Crazy Udder:
  1. There ain’t nethin crunchier than a frozen Crunchie
  2. Adding milk to ice cream makes it taste better than just melting it
  3. 20 ounces of any substance will take me more than hour to consume
  4. Milkshake rly does bring girls to the yard!
  5. Very few people are brave enough to wear the cow suit
  6. My friend Ian has a very firm handshake
  7. I’ve never been to a wedding
  8. I’ve never been to a wedding dressed as a Jedi
  9. Everybody secretly loves the good parts of America
  10. Large corporations in the UK are not required to recycle
  11. Old women steal things from TJ Hughes on a regular basis
  12. Oreo s are the good parts of America
  13. Don’t mess around with security!
  14. I should wear a surgical mask when blitzing mint flavored Aero (the chocolate bar, not the green setting on Windows Vista, you don’t need a surgical mask for that yet)
  15. If I’m not crazy enough, i may get fired!
  16. I’m rly gonna miss that Ansdell 🙁


If you Google Ron Paul!
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While working at crazy udder I discovered that doesnt work

We the people at are aware of the problem, and will be trying to resolve the issue as soon as possie

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