R.I.P. Lucy

nooooooooooooooooo LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2!!!!!!!!! how did this happeeeeen?

Lucy has popped her metal clogs! Lucy was the first complete system i ever assisted construction on. she was good to me. she started way back in Baldurs Gate 1, and was with me all the way up until doom3. then she went on to a new home as the family computer, where she ran F.E.A.R at low settings. oh Lucy!
when i built Katie (my current machine), Lucy wasn’t replaced, i would help them to talk to each other and share files, even a printer! between us we used to call it file and printer sharing!
In case you’re wondering how Lucy died: i don’t know. the only reason i cant fix her now is because i have no idea what’s wrong with her. she was quite happily running Habbo Hotel, and then she just…. well… i don’t want to talk about it. 🙁

anyway, she had a donor card, so check this out: yeah, ain’t that awesome. Katie has 2 faces now (note: she’s not 2-faced, she just has 2 faces), that means that i can play Prey, even though I’ve completed it, and operate MSN messenger at the same time!!!!! LOLz

aw well, sorry i haven’t posted much lately. i’ve been busy working very hard!
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Two faces wont be much good if when you insert Crysis in here she gets hot and turns off without warning

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