Quantum Biology

With the recent admission of the fact that i am in fact a cosmonaut, it would probably make sense to also reveal now that i am a quantum biologist.
Now that’s not a profession as such, it’s more of a feature of my anatomy. There are parts of me that are independent in time with the rest of me, for example, the only reason that my blood is still pumping around my body now, I because my heart was beating 12 years ago. If you cut off my left arm it would not regrow in my lifetime because time is slower in my left arm!

i was going to suggest that the guys in Combat Smack were quantum biologists. but, they’re not. if you’re wandering how they stay safe from all of that combat smacking, it’s with ‘BioArmor’ like kevlar (in games, not real life), it prevents damage from bullet punctures, only, with BioArmor, it regenerates, because it’s living. and living is cool! in practice its a lot like the armor system in Halo, but instead of an over-type shield, its a concealed undersheild.

i wanna get a new guitar with my moneys, i’ve decided.
it’s either, upgrade katie, or get a new guitar. i feel that investing in a new guitar will bring forward more positive things for my life.
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