Pretty Colors

It’s definitely Fall here now! look at all the pretty colors!

We watched the exam performances on DVD, i wasn’t that good, i got an estimated grade of 17/20 So i’m happy anyway, like this -> 🙂

Now we have exactly 10 Essays to do by first week of January, all on the performances we just did. that’ll be nice because i love essays and i enjoy the love! that’ll be on top of an extended Ethics Essays (lol freud), and 26 A3 pages of Graphics Work. i might be juiced out for time!

Speaking of Juiced out, myself and NoseBleed were talking about how the inside of an orange is actually… Well, NoseBleed says black…. i think the inside of an orange is void! this is obviously not something that is easy to predict. someone said, “dood, just cut the orange open!” and we were liek, “you n00b, you know that when the inside of an orange is in contact with light it becomes orange and fruity!!!!” Bleh, some people today!

Demetri Martin says, “I think they named the Orange before they named the Carrot!”

George Clooney will be on the next Daily show, i am so looking forward to it! OH GEORGE!!!

o, if you ever get the chance to go to a Tim Horton’s, Do it! best place ever, i hope they open in England one day (feel free to link this page to the manager of Tim Horton’s), cos when that stuff goes in my mouth i’m liek, “OOOOH, TIMOTHY!!!!!!!!!!”

Peace Out!
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