Just a few thoughts on prayer…
When I was a new Christian prayer was a really exciting thing, it saddens me now that since it has become a regular part of my life that it has become less mysterious and romantic I pray that God would put me back into that mindset. Maybe it’s because I came to analyse prayer too much, you see I do wonder about how prayer and God’s sovereignty work in unison. For example no matter how much we may pray for global politics surely God already has a plan for that, and so if we were praying for something that came into conflict with God’s plan then surely it would never come to pass. So our prayers can only be answered with a ‘yes’ if they comply to God’s will. I know there are passages in the Bible that speak about how if we pray in the Spirit then our prayers will come true, so I guess the Spirit guides us to pray according to God’s will…

I wonder about how if God’s plan will always come to pass then what use is there in praying for it. No matter how many people pray for a single person to be healed or even how many people pray against it it doesn’t matter because God’s decision is final… and he decided the outcome before the earth was made. I guess this is a better way of doing things though, if the outcomes of big events were decided on the number of faithful prayers either way like a spiritual ballot box then I guess the world would be a much worse place.

So why then are we commanded soooo many times in the Bible to pray? Even Jesus prayed… I’m not going to pretend to understand how God does business, his ways and thoughts are higher than mine. That would be enough for most people, but God didn’t make me the kind of person who thinks like that, I’ve given up trying to understand certain aspects of who God is and what he does, but this issue of man’s freewill and prayer and God’s sovereignty all working together just seems so close to being understood the answers on the tip of my tongue… If only my brain could form the right sequence of words to explain what’s just out of reach of a human mind.

I guess allot of it has to do with the glory of God, prayer works in a very similar way to prophecy… And I guess even certain prayers could almost be classed as prophecy. God tells a Prophet his prophecy, the Prophet writes it down and when it comes to pass people give God the glory. A prayer (that ultimately is answered with a ‘yes’) will be given by the Spirit and then answered by God so then the person who receives and prays the prayer given by the Spirit gives God the glory. God could do amazing things in our lives without us praying first but would he get half the glory? Most likely ‘no’.

In a rather ignorant and arrogant way I occasionally get the thought that prayer is a sign of spiritual weakness, God’s got everything covered so why bother praying? But to see the flaw in that logic all we need do is look at the life of Christ, he prayed more than anybody else in the history of the earth, and he is God incarnate… definitely not someone who could be termed spiritually ‘weak’. Also it seems God wants us to be an integral part of his kingdom through prayer, remember when those guys returned to Jesus in one of the gospels and the said that they were unable to drive certain devils out of people, or they tried in front of Jesus… I can’t quite remember which… But Jesus said “this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting”… If we factor that into the equation it almost blows your mind, so the Holy Spirit living inside of us wont cast a certain kind of Devil from a person unless we have prayed and fasted first? Not that God is unable to act but simply that he wont without a certain amount of compliance on our behalf, unless it’s not God that does the driving out… but us… and so we have to spiritually be in the right state before we can act. Something about that doesn’t seem right. So why wont God act before we do certain things/ meet certain requirements? I don’t know… again his ways and thoughts are higher than mine… he didn’t make me the kind of person who will leave it there but I may have to… Maybe when I’m older and wiser I’ll understand, maybe I’ll never understand.

Any help is appreciated! 🙂
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