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Our argument about the inside of an orange (b4 it’s peeled) continued last night after church. as ever, I am quite sure that it is void, not hollow, void! whereas, Nosebleed still thinks it’s just black! which is stupid! we were considering variables now, i’m willing to say that oranges in the northern hemisphere are void, where the southern ones are black. The younger Ansdell, in a slip up asked us whats inside oranges that are born! born? BORN? oranges are born? no, but if they were i would be willing to accept that they would be full of blood. but they’re not. “whats inside a banana?” she’s knows what’s inside a banana, i don’t know where all of her nonsense comes from!

I’m concerned about the amount of people who don’t smile after communion takes place. in my understanding, where i take this knowledge from the bible and nowhere else, i understand that partaking in the body and blood of christ, is a celebration. and yet, i’m the only one smiling! shame. i guess the frowns that should be turned upside down are understandable, especially if you’ve just seen Mel Gibson’s ‘The Smashin’ of the Christ’. tis a shame tho. Jesus was the pure form of dood.
If i were taken to Plato’s realm of the forms to look up the true meaning of ‘dood’, Jesus would be standing there!

my friends who are Jah’s witness’s are weirder, they don’t even take it. but thats not the weird part, in all honesty no-one on this earth right now deserves to partake in the Lord’s evening meal, so fair’nuf. the weird part is that Jesus said “do this in remembrance of me until i come again,” and they believe that he came again in 1914 (as well as 1875, but that different), so why do they still do it! i have idea’s but i’m not to post more about it now, for i have friends who are witnesses and i do not wish to offend them. i found out that Spud’s grandmother is one!

the new iphone by apple looks cool, check out this commercial by Conan O’Brien:

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