Played on Stage

Reverend (more than any other character)
Nora (a delightful properly speaking lady)
Torvald (Nora’s retarded husband)

Nora and Torvald form Henrik Ibsen’s ‘A Dolls House’ were originally written as very boring characters, i do not need to go into detail as i have already mentioned that the play was by Ibsen. Myself and Nosebleed through various workshops as both of the characters decided they could not dismount their upper arms from their torsos and has to run as if their legs were jacked apart permanently. this added a humorous twist to the original narrative.

Scullery (a Teen from the slums)
Professor (a type of senior academic)
Satan (the bad guy in the bible – he dies at the end)

When i played the part of Satan in Steven Berkoff’s ‘Messiah’ i decided to unroll the character as an American televangelist. i put on the accent and i carried a microphone. o the humor in the idea!

Disciple (the good guys in the bible – they live happily ever after)
Wino (a drunk homeless person)
Lieutenant Brannigan (has a very sexy learning disability)
Coffee Addict (coffee)
Derick Bentley (British, has something to do with guns)
Christopher Craig (British, also has something to do with guns)
McKlatch (don’t wanna be a republican idiot)
Shepherd (one who herds his shep)
Soldier (world war and the Iraqi oil conflict!)
Policeman (or coppiceman to be accurate)
Nicholas the second of Russia (or tzar niki 2 as i liked to call him)
Stalin (mustache man 1942)

The parts of Tzar Niki 2 and Stalin were played in a short unnamed piece about the political changes in Russia during the world war. in a very Reduced Shakespeare manner we told the tale of all the big changes and although it is a very serious subject, we gained many laughs from our short, sharp, witty performance.

Commentator (giving live commenteries on stage of events happening also on stage)
Terrorist (bomb)
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