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When I was just a little girl at 6 years old, i would have received a card like this one to the right, it would have made me excited, and i would have gone “hey it’s Barbie! ROCK!”
But thats not how it went. i received this card today as an 18 year old man (<- man lol), in celebration of me having passed my driving test. the card came from Quez, she made me another card too but she wouldn't have liked it scanned in so i keep it to myself, it's better than the Barbie one, it has glitter on it!

I purchased Garry’s Mod 10 today (i’m doing well for someone who’s broke), it’s very fun, i had a go at making a car out of sofas, but it didn’t work… well, it did work, but i’m so perfect that i wanted my car to have some form of steering so i dismantled it and added a rotaty bit and everything, it went wrong and i killed myself. with one of the sofas. so then i went back to the good old favorite kids pastime, and made screenshots! i dont want to bore you with full images so two banner sized ones can be found on this post instead:

for those of you reading this post who don’t play the games made by Valve, i wouldn’t expect you get the humor, do not worry, or take your life with a sofa, or anything else of that nature.
i am now debating with myself whether i should explain whats going on in the images or not.
i have decided that the first image should be interpreted only by the pros. the second and more moist image should be explained. on some Counter Strike servers you may see whats known as a ‘deathbeam’ when you die in the game. it allows you to see where the bullet that killed you came from. one end of the red line will be at the point (in 3d space) in the air where you got shot when you died, the other end will be at the point in the air where the end of the gun was when it fired the blow (bullet) at you.
I have just wondered if deathbeams happen in real life! but now i feel stupid! because you wouldn’t be able to see them as you would be dead.
in the image, a player has been so stupid that he has entered an area only to receive a kill shot from every single member of the opposing team. this player is a ‘n00b’, and he has been appropriately ‘Pwned’!

I’ve just proof-read everything that’s been typed in so far. and i am not impressed, i do not like this post. i think the writer could do a much better job than this, and he has proved it before. however, i cannot be bothered to make changes, so it will stay how it is.

I’ve put 3 images up tonight, and i plan to add a couple more tomorrow, i’m practically asking you all to have longer loading times! if you’re not using Firefox 2 you probably deserve it. check out the link for CNet‘s Firefox 2 versus Internet Explorer 7 review, Link. and then scroll down and look right for details on downloading the better internet browser!

I still have more to say but this post is getting long, i’ll give give give tomorrow!
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