Parry Hotter

(in a sword fight – a fight with swords)
‘ha haa, you medieval n00b, i am pwning you in this swordfight’
‘it is not so bad, for i have the awesome ability to parry!’
‘oh noes, your hax are making my hot’
‘yes, in fact this is the hottest my parry has ever been’
(the pro gets pwned by his parrying solicitor)
(in his dying breaths) Next…time……..Parry…Hotter!!!!!!1!!!!!'(the pro stops living)
‘you’re on d00d!!!2!!!’

…and that’s what it means to parry hotter
parry hotter is also a spoonerism for horry patter have a list of 123 things you can (sorry), could do to annoy the dark lord Voldemort. here are examples few:
  1. Remind him that he isn’t even really alive.
  2. Write him a theme song. Start singing it whenever he is about to do or say something particularly clever and nasty.
  3. Offer to sacrifice Draco Malfoy ‘to the cause.’
  4. Insist on reading him bedtime stories. Include ‘The Ugly Duckling.’
  5. Make vague allusions to Harry Potter being his son.
  6. When he’s done something particularly nasty – cross your arms, waggle a finger and say ‘Now now, do you really think Salazar would have approved of that?’

anyways, this post is a shameless plug for the new Harry Potter book, titled ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Harry Potter has been an amazing series of books, obviously an inspiration for all of the more recent great serials even now, including Lost and Heroes. it has all of the common elements that you would expect from such a format: a confused male protagonist, a debatable relationship with his lady, plot twists, supernatural occurances, cliffhanger endings, time travel, fake industries because the real ones aren’t good enough, and an openly magical yet mysterious enemy amongst many other features. and again, much like all of them, the people who havn’t watched/read them are the only people who think they’re overrated. i don’t think Star Wars is overrated, i think it deserves all the credit it’s got!!!!2!!!

I would like a copy of the new book, for i would really like to know what happens next.

i was going to post theories on what i think is going to happen in it. gut now i have decided that i am not going to do that, for there are many sites already on the tubes with every theory that one could possibly imagine. this has hindered my will to participate.

As an alternative give giving of my own form of humor – which I’m sure is tolerated by many, you may enjoy the Jpeg to the left of your forward point.
This image may be a reference to the above dialog, i have not decide yet.

The name JPEG stands for ‘Joint Photographic Experts Group’, the name of the committee who created the standard – Thanx Wikipedia

also thanks to wikipedia, i do not have to explain what the all futuristic and definatly not retro term ‘all your base are belong to us’ means. you can find out by yourself. a freak wiki/encyclopedia hybrid brings you the relevant page, you can click here.

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