Pacman is Funny

Pacman is a yellow circle with a wedge taken out of him. he is a legendary figure in gaming history, and if he went on stage and stood in front of a microphone, he would be one of the greatest comedians ever seen with no eyes!

i saw a video, and now i have a question.

The video was funny, its a man, dressed as Pacman himself, whilst being chased by the common ghost. my question comes from the fact that Pacman was screaming whilst the ghost was saying “waca waca waca waca waca…..” i always thought it was Pacman who made the noise. Who says “Waca” Pacman, or the ghosts?

Please leave answers in the form of comments, whoever gives the most satisfying answer will win a bottle of respect!

Over and out
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i always thought so to, but since pacman being chased i think the screamin is for the comical effect, pacman cant scream and go waca waca at the same time.

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