My friend Quez, likes Oreos! (i love her)

today i found Oreos in kettering, in memorium of this event, i would like to tell thee about a film called ‘Oreos in kettering*’

oreo 1: hello! i am an oreo!
oreo 2: stfu!!
oreo 1: that was mean, i do not like you so much anymore
oreo 2: so! eat me!!
oreo 1: i am an oreo myself, to eat you would constitute canniblism!
oreo 2: um, mister hannibal? yu are a cannibal…
oreo 1: you are accusing me of being mr hannible oreo, when in fact i am not – my name is oreo 1!
hannibal oreo: mwahahahaa! ‘I’ am the hannibal oreo!
oreo 1: poo
orea 2: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! *poos himself*
*hannibal oreo eats the oreo poo..* (this is ok because oreo poo is the white delight in the middle!) *…then eats his hand…then the oreo’s*

(parts of ‘oreo 2’ and ‘hannibal oreo’ were typed by my friend Quez)

in the past, i have had oreos imported to me from various parts of the states and europe, including, florida, greece, new jersey, and spain! now i can get them from farmfoods!

My friend Quez has not heard of Tim Hortons! (i hate her)

*Kettering is the small town where i live**
**in the UK, not in OH***
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