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of the entire series of videos i plan on releasing to my youtube channel, only 1 has been uploaded. and i did that from the library at the university that i just left!!!!! yeah, so theres the problem. i have no internet access in my house, the opportunity i get to use the tubes is when i r at my parents house with my cheap laptop on which i running Linux (mint), i´ve never used linux before and i r having a few java problems, and i have no sound. this sux. anyway, i can edit videos from my pc back home, but cant upload them until i take them to another machine.

i guess when i get internet access i could upload one video a day, some from tokyo, some from here and there in england… and oh… whats that?

its where i´m going on saturdaiye, driving straight back to heathrow airport to depart straight back to Asia. this tiem it´s Thailand closely followed by China.

I´m going to china with brothers and sisters from my church in what most people would describe as a mission. however its not like that because of the attitude of the chinese government towards evangelism. so it´s not like a mission in china!!

pray for us, for our safety and success in whatever we are doing.
The olympics should be good, i am especially looking forward to seeing the buildings there and i will definatly be taking pictures if i bring enough batteries!

as for that post i promised last tiem, there was a slight trip-up. i was going to write another short devotional style piece on a christian´s attitude to life. and the slight trip up was that the next day and since then (even today) i´ve wanted to kill myself. which is a slight problem. i sure i´ll get over it with God´s help.

dont listen to linkin park when you´re suicidal… or i´ll kill ya!
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