oh Monty!

Before i say anything, i just wanna wish a massive ‘Happy Birthday’ to presidential candidate congressman Dr Ron Paul, he was born on this day many years ago. he has grown up to be an influential and honest practitioner of God’s law, and i have to admit that i do look up toward being more like him when i grow up (and run for president of the US). Ron, i know you don’t read this blog, but i read yours! and thats all that matters to me. God speed sir!

we didn’t win the quiz again

today was great, i woke up at 2 and did this: nothing! until the evening church service. i didn’t even play World of Warcraft, which, by the way, i purchased last week in my boredom. i figured that since i only work about 2 or 3 daiyes a week and that i have nothing to do between workdaiyes, i would spend some more quality time with… … … other stuff.
i bought world of warcraft fully in the knowledge that there are 9 million dedicated paying players across the world, that over 3 people have died (one assassinated) playing this game and that WoW players generally don’t have girlfriends. having decided that i have nothing to lose and that the game must be interesting for 9 million players (thats 2 million more people than there are Jehovah’s witnesses folks), i got it. i’m now a level 15 human paladin, and i’m not bored, even tho i’d rather be doing other things.
in all honesty, as you could probably tell from the photo in my last blog post, it has lead to me putting on weight. so i have cycled to work since and i plan to do it more often, with other regular exercise, like running between Ironforge and Stormwind city!

so, to clarify, i did not play World of Warcraft today!

i’m gonna keep it short, and leave you wondering what this actually had to do with Monty!
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Just play Habbo Hotel, 7.5 million cant be wrong!

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