What is a nutmunk?

It has been said by many great philosophers all throughout time, from the ancient Greeks all the way through to the considerations of modern ethicists and religious experts, that ‘nutmunk’ is not an actual word. In a recent personal interview with famous intellectual Dickie Dorkins, I was informed that “i hate being quoted!” which was something i never new about myself. As a dramatically overlooked matter, I must make it clear that the use of the work ‘Nutmunk’ in any form is extremely irrelevant regardless of the words genuine definition.
If we separate the duel syllables of the word in observation here, we can learn that this particular product may well be beneficial in contact with sodium chloride, yet can still hold the resistance to such crystals as a solitary monastic, or as the lead male role in a USA comedy crime drama starring Tony Shalhoub as a detective with obsessive compulsive disorder. putting these two possibilities together, could support the implication of a new oxy-moronic terminology in this the 21st century, or a new insult to be used within the remembered realms of real-life Counter-Terrorism.
What we can deduce right now as an internationally established fact, is that Sigmund Freud will have always said suggestive comments about you and your mom! he is such a nutmunk!

well i still have forms to fill in – peace
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Yeh I didnt read this but I decided you suck until you’ve made a blogpost about this

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