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The beauty of being single at such an age as mine, my age, not yours, is that i see exactly what I’m missing everywhere i look. i get to admire the joy and expression that couples my age are sharing together. i get to pass young happy teenagers holding hands and all i can do is smile because I’m happy for them, I’m happy to see that other people are making each other happy, I’m happy to know that people are in love. and love is a beautiful thing. I’m told.

Of course I’ve never been in love – I’m far too young myself.

I like Starbucks, they do a dashing hazelnut flavor hot chocolate, i like to take one of those corrugated cardboard sleeves to hold my beverage in, and i always take another extra one as well, just for me to keep. sometimes i wear them on my arm. ‘Careful, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot.’ of course, i never get to share the humor with anyone (xcept u of course). but i can enjoy life on my own.

These fricken ‘Chase Freedom’ adverts on comedy central are annoying me >_< (<-- this is a symbolic representation of my face, also known as a pan in some parts of England)

My humor is quite dead pan, but only when I’m there in person talking to you, yes you, if you’re just reading my blog, then my humor is not so dead pan, for you cannot see my pan. i do know that there is humor on this blog, i know this, because i was told this. various males both known and unknown to me personally have expressed opinion on this corner of the immaculate tubes. this is… i like this. i like being ‘funny’

speaking of: Steven Colbert is also funny. i like steven colbert a lot, i’m sure his wife does too, she is very lucky – i saw a photo of the nice couple, he’s lucky too :D. Here’s a clip of the funny man after the crats* won last years midterms

LOLZORD! i like – i still didn’t get any feedback from channel4 about getting ‘The Colbert Report’ broadcast after the Daily Show like it is in the states. what channel4 do is take the original episode of the Daily Show after it broadcasts on Comedy Central, then they edit the Comedy Central logo from the corner and put the more 4 logo in the other corner, then… they completely remove the end of the show when Jon Stewart talks to Steven, all of this done for a broadcast in Britain the next day. Channel4 could be doing a better job for our country!

to verge away from my distinctly masculine post now, i just want to point out that there are a few nice ladies in my life…. There! pointed out like a pro!

So heres a funny romantic poem i heard:
roses are #FF0000
violets are #0000FF
all my base
are belong to you

I’m thinking ‘it would be cool if my future partner** understood the humor in this deeply romantic poem’ yet i am also thinking ‘ it would be just as cool (if not cooler), if she had no idea what i was on about.’ same applies for this one:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
In Soviet Russia
Poem writes you!

Live long and stuff, we all deserve happy lives, except those few who don’t. (but they’ll get them anyway)

*intentional pun to make the democrats sound like the aristocrats, this is an insulting comparison.
**female of optimal breeding age – thanks to nosebleed for that definition
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