Not Exactly in Portland (Warning Spoilers)

yes, that ^ was a spoiler warning. i don’t see it fit to censor everything here like i did on the brief mention of Prison Break because people in the United Kingdom(s) will see the new episode of LOST on Sunday evening.

i saw it this morning and DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD it’s awesome.

Subliminal/Brainwashing messages like the ones in the episode don’t rly work in real life tho. I know lost of people have given LOST low ratings on the plausibility scale, and now they have another reason for it. the smoke monster was one thing, but brainwashing someone with Artaud Cinema is just plain BS. some people have just watched films like Cypher and The Island a few too many times (for reference I’ve only seen each of those films once).

mentioning the Monster, i have good reason to believe that the monster from Lost and Sylar from Heroes are the same dood. they make the same noise when they walk (clickclickclick) and they have the same evil stare. now to honestly knock down my theory – Sylar didn’t become who he was until April 2006, the events in lost are still in November 2004. althoughs, come to think of it, Sylar and his daddy were both watchmakers, perhaps Sylar wasn’t born like a regular person, he was captured on an island off the pacific in the form of a black smoke and contained in an elaborate robot suit, because only a watchmaker could do that!

I saw trailers for the new episode of Lost before it aired, and there were bits that weren’t in Wednesdays show, which disappointed me. i conclude now that they were actually trailers for episodeS of lost. there was a scene where Cindy (stewardess from the first episode, the other 48 days, and Bad Twin) was in the area with the others, and when i saw that, i thought she was a bitch, “we’re here to watch” i think she knew the plane was going to crash way back when, she was ready for it. she is one of the others, she disappeared from the island when she knew where to go. that bitch.

Mittelos Bioscience have a website! i aint goin on it myself, i still have bad experiences from the Hanso Foundation official website which scared the beebies out of me. apparently this one is worse. i’ve read a transcript, and it does sound that way!
Just checked, the Hanso Foundation site is over now, it’s been replaced with a polite letter from Alvar himself. thats ok with me, it was just covered in Sprite adverts anyway (Sprite, the official drink of the others). those Sprite ads were annoying, i even saw some giant ones printed in Newport mall, Bayonne, NJ, just the same way as the website. Oh America.

Theres a picture of the island with the other island next to it to be found, you can see a third island on there too (eye patch guy’s house). i was disappointed again, i wanted to believe that the whole place in question was based on one island in the shape of an octagon. that would have been cool. but y’know, everybody else is clevererer than me.

Lost again next week
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