New Toys?

I’m writing this post using another Microsoft package, who knew it was coming? I’m using a beta version of ‘Windows Live Writer’ it’s like word in many ways except it caters only to bloggers like myself. sounds pointless, it is pointless! but it’s actually kinda cool. I have a better idea of what the post is going to look like right now as I type this – I can actually see white text on my black/green gradient background. unlike before when I was just leaving information in a textbox and hoping that it would work! on the lowdown side, it has an English spell check, I preferred the American one that the flaming fox has.

Also got the new MSN, sorry, Windows Live Messenger beta – this one is awesome, just like every other update to the package, it’s actually pretty much the same as the last one.

i like microsoft

2 videos: 1st Steve Ballmer from Microsoft giving a short speech on how important developers are to the company (it’s actually a music video), followed by Nick Thunes love song called “instant Messenger”

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Yay for Microsoft!11!

Mellors got Bioshock – XP compatibility FTW n00bs

Ian playing RS and HH at the same time is not cool d00ds!

Vista Sucks
Halo 2 Sucks
Spartan frags f4c3
Mellors Rules
Dr.McKlatch (CS:S, M:DIV, P:WN)
Portal owns all
Mrs Dunn is the greatest
Carling is nice
T-Dog is amazing
Jesus is the way the truth and the life

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