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Wowzerz, these online generators are cool. look at that picture above, i know its a ball exploding everywhere, but with the suggested caution nest to it, it looks like a man’s head exploding with blogliness (from above). i typed my name (McKlatch) into‘s slogan generator, and check out this slogan that i am not going to use:
Please Don’t Squeeze The Mcklatch.
(^ fullstop included), it’s short, simple… safe! but i’m still not gonna be pasting it into photoshop images anytime soon.

i’m gonna cut it short there, actually. i guess my message is this – play with generators. kids, play with generators, if you see a generator, kids, play with it. open the hole, suck out the diesel, whatever, just play with generators. kids.

aww man, those guys at also make some pretty good pretty bad jokes! continue to end:

What’s McKlatch’s favourite album?
Sgt. Pepper’s Pokemonely Hearts Club Band

Where does McKlatch keep its money?
In a Pokemoney box.

What’s McKlatch’s favourite album?
Pokemondon Calling

What is McKlatch’s favourite game?

What’s McKlatch’s favourite film?
Pokemonty Python and the Holy Grail

What’s McKlatch’s favourite film?
L.A. Pokemonfidential

What’s McKlatch’s favourite film?
Twelve Pokemonkeys

Where does McKlatch go on holiday?

Who is McKlatch’s favourite poet?
Henry Wadsworth Pokemongfellow

What’s McKlatch’s favourite film?
Indiana Pokemones and the Last Crusade

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