My new game

the forces of nature have produced a magnificent ball of energy which poses a threat to two major cities in the realm of New Traba. each city has produced an intelligent and innovative defense system using their hyperadvanced nanotechnologies. as the ball of cosmic and electronic energy repels itself towards one of the two cites every few seconds of precious time, each city attempts to use the ball as a weapon to target the other. Corbei and Cytringan pose equal threat and equal defense towards each other, each principality stands strong enough to tackle one blow from the plasma riddled sphere of sexual energy, maybe even two… but after 3 hits, its the end for that city. the antimatter composition of the ball will collide with the final towers of the inhabitable zone and dissolve into nothingness leaving the other town victorious with no threat left to pwn them anymore.

it`s like combat smack – here is a screenshot:
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