My Freshers Week DMU 2007: Wednesday


The most boring day of my freshers week was on this day last week, wednesday. a bright and early start at 10am (early for a student), we got a group introduction to all the staff that we already met in the previous two days, we got health and safety talks that were all general knowledge and i felt liek a retard* again having to be taught the things i know. altho, there were the odd few things that some people may not have known, like operating a fire extinguisher, or handling emergencies, but i learned all of this when i worked for a Theme Park! lots of people did actually leave, but i stayed, cos i’m a good man – but i wish i’d left.

We did intelligence surveys in the afternoon – turns out that DMU expects the occasional retard*

Joined the CU again for a blazing experience at the Odeon 12 screen movie theater with integrated Ben and Jerry’s store. we saw the Bourne Ultimatum, I’d seen it before, but to be honest, it is that good! i met Ben, hes a fresher who lives in my building, and he still has his Irish accent, which earns him many man points.

speaking of man points, i had Haggis on Monday, i don’t think i mentioned that on the monday post.

*excuse my use of the word ‘retard’ it’s not normally i word i like to use, but i was angered by the expectations of the college.
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