My Freshers Week DMU 2007: Thursday


my day off
i had no lectures or talks or anything boring like that

i slept for what was too long and woke up at midday, unfortunately i did not see this as unusual at the time, later it would turn out to be a symptom of influenza, but i haven’t got there yet, it’s only Thursday. have i ruined the ending?

then i did nothing – or i did something and i cant remember what!

The Christian Union got together again this evening, we had a ‘pudding party’ lots of cake and other dessert consumables along with games. i played that 70’s kids toy with the red and blue robots in a bright yellow wrestling ring, the aim of the game being, hit the other players robot until his head pops off! reminds me of real robot wrestling!
there was a guest speaker (called Matt) who came to talk to us about Sex, Drugs and Alcohol. he gave a very good and honest talk. and while i was abstinent anyway, and i never drink with the intention of getting drunk, and drugs are a fullstop ‘no’ in my books – i still felt like i learned from him. hear this on fornication:

Yes, you can have a big mac whenever you want, its cheap and tastes nice, but there really isn’t anything in it that’s good for you.
wouldn’t you rather have a gourmet meal? yes it take longer to prepare, and it may make you hungry while it’s cooking. but if you wait until it’s done you can have the best meal ever!

also “what man, on his wedding night, wants to boldly go where every man has gone before?”
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