My Freshers Week DMU 2007: Sunday


I got a McDonald’s breakfast meal – i don’t like McDonald’s, but sumone told me that their breakfast meals ain’t that bad, and they ain’t wrong! plus, McDonald’s is across the road and up the street from where i live. i don’t like this, lot of people are shortening McDonald’s to ‘McDo’s’ or ‘Mackie D’s’ why wont anyone call it Ronald’s, i’m starting this. anyway, Ronald’s is nearer to me then how far T-Dog and Nosebleed were at my place in Kettering!

then, speaking of Kettering, i went there. but that was after i met Rob, also from High School Drama, and we with Adam and Todge went to a different pub – the students union bar, where the drinks are (supposedly) cheap cheap cheap!!!

In Kettering i had dinner and went to church. afterwards a saw my Good Friend Mellors and he was satisfied with my company and did not get angry
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