My Freshers Week DMU 2007: Saturday


I moved into my new place, i share a flat with 3 other gentlemen. we all have our own bedrooms with en suite restrooms, which is dandy cos it means i can regulate my own hygiene! my roomies are cool, i like them a lot.

i was the first one to move in, i had the place to ma self for a couple o hours, then Matt Yellow appeared! called Matt Yellow cos he had a yellow shirt on that night and roomy number 3 is also called Matt. Abs in room 1, i met him, he came with a couple o friends and i introduced myself to one of them instead of him thinking that he was my new roommate, corrections were made. then Matt Red came in with his computer case, i said ‘hi’ and he said nothin and walked straight to his new room – he’s great. after his parents left him here i got to meet him properly, and he’s actually proper cool! that night the 3 lads went clubbing, i didn’t go with them cos i don’t do that sorta thing.

i instead went out with Adam whom i knew already from A level Drama at High School and his mate Todge, who also seems cool – we went for a quiet drink at one of our many local pubs. i came home about midnight and went to hit the sleeper when i was rudely awakened by the girls that the lads had met and brought home to our flat. good night!
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