My Freshers Week DMU 2007: Monday


I enrolled at university this day, before this enrollment, i was not enrolled. i thought I’d go half an hour earlier than i was scheduled to, which was neato cos i met Niki on the way up. Niki is on the very same course as me, and i knew her already from High School! she is a lovely lady and i’m glad shes about cos i’m not good at meeting new people and shes out there talking to everybody, i’ve already met people on the course through her! man i suck!

i spent some time with Matt and Matt, abs had gone on sunday and we didn’t know where or how long for.

that evening we had the girls from another flat around, they seemed nice. then they pointed out that we had met before on Saturday night when they woke me up! the girls all wanted to go out clubbing with the Matt folk, all but 1, they thought it was neat that she could stay here with me, the only guy who wasn’t going out. i stayed up in the living room with Teri most of the night, then Abs suddenly appeared, he had gone to his home in Burrmingham for the day!

Teri is a big fan of Paris Hilton – I don’t get it
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