My 3rd of November

on the third of November, 3 big things are happening in my life. technically the first and third things aren’t in my life, and none of them are that big. but this is a blog post, and the first sentence doesn’t need to be entirely true.

Firstly, all the guys at my favorite Christian youth group in Kettering are off to an event in London called ‘Sorted’ where they will get to meet with with hundreds of other Christ followers their age and get some good solid teaching in the church where Rico Tice Works – its a nice place. i wont get to go (see next paragraph), but i wish everyone whose going a good day in the big city.

Secondly, I’m working, for one more day, with Crazy Udder, at Santa Pod. we will be catering milkshakes and specialty hot drinks to the families attending ‘Flame + Thunder’ the website informs me that there will be cars making loud noises, stunt men risking their lives on various other vehicles and lots of flames – gently pursued by a fireworks display celebrating 101 years of terrorism in the UK. i wonder why we Englishmen wait the whole year to celebrate this, i will wonder for a long time.

Thirdly, and most impressively, and most ‘you gotta look out for this!’ moment, is that on the evening of Saturday the third of November, the tv legend that is Brian Williams, will be guest hosting Saturday Night Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is a guaranteed downloader, and having just finished watching the entire first season of studio 60, i wish Brian a good week and a fantastic saturday night, without any power cuts or loose wild animals while he is a guest on the sho.
also, to NBC (who apparently read blogs now as long as i tag the show’s name), bring back studio 60, it was good.
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