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More Finales – sounds like an Italian dish at a restaurant and I’m ordering my waiter Jose to get me some more of that stuff. but then my waiter Jose, explains to me that he is Spanish after i make a simple but sweet Italian joke about him. and I’m like “No Way Jose!”

what did i see today, oh yes, i remember it like it was yesterday. i saw the finale of Scrubs this morning. they never used to do cliffhanger endings “i got this new idea, it’s toly original… yeah… dudes – we use cliffhangers!” *applause* lots o stuff goin on, Eliot’s getting married, Kim’s having a baby!

theres this thing NBC has about blowing the budget on the last episode. check this scene change from last week’s Scrubs Finale:
and then compare it with this scene change from last week’s Heroes Finale (below):

I know from experience, that pimpin liek this, ain’t easy! they paid a guy, an editor, to make the following scene wipe across the screen. but it ain’t as simple as that, you see, with the leftover money from the budget, they paid the guy to paint around the actors as they moved so the scene would take the shape of the player’s back as he moved. wow! it’s… unappreciated by most audiences!

also, later today/yesterday, i saw ABC’s Desperate Housewives season finale. meh! just another episode! lots o stuff goin on, Susan’s getting married, Danielle’s having a baby!

I sign out there, it’s getting late. i have to put my credibility back on the charger before it’s too late (better than getting a new one).

chill out me heartys!
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The Heroes one is ALOT better. The Scrubs one looks terrible.

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