its a spoof website about Haute couture designers discussing the use of the metric system over imperial measurements. no. no it’s not. it’s actually backwards for – check this out – which is a new alternative address for you, the readers, to put into your address bar in firefox to get to this website.

The reason for titling (<- if that really is a word) backwards this afternoon is because during the day of today, my dear friend mellors was trying to figure out all of our names backwards. after concluding that 'McKlatch' backwards is ineffible (nice word), he carried on with some humourous results.
Kids, do you wanna play a fun game? yes? then guess each others names backwards, its a lot of fun and you will not get divorced or anything.
i’m currently posting from my dear high school where i reside when i am bored – the sixth form block! school has finished so there is nobody here, and there is a nice lady currently dusting the desks around me as i type. i should go home.

It was kind of Leanspartan to do a post for me earlier today, i will read it later.

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