Went bak to MK today.
with my own eyes, and T-dog’s own eyes, we witnessed, the 9th person in the world ever, making the purchase of, a PlayStation 3!
i was liek, “that dood is crazy!” i’m sure hes got plenty of money to burn, and i’m sure he dismantled it as soon as he got it home! (what else are you gonna do with a PS3?)

tried to find the closed beverage i could get to a Tim Horton’s Iced Capp. Iced latte (don’t bother), coffee-chocolate frappacino (don’t bother), cold brown substance (really, don’t bother). i feel in my heart that i will never be satisfied until i return to Canada.

its half term holiday this week, what am i going to do (and knowing that i dont go back after the holiday)?

good advice link

I saw the final of American Idol, 74 million votes (4th largest democracy in the world?), it was nice, i wanted Blake to win tho, he was more than a singer! he was a beat boxer, and a singer!

video, Bon Jovi’s ‘You give love a bad name’

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