mid-day post

i post now between posts, for normally i send in one post for every day of which i’ve had this blog since it started (in 2006).

This post is impted (yes, impted) because my dear friend Quez has just read the post titled “men are disgusting” and she starting laughing again. i was liek, “Quez, you were there!” and she probably would have said “i know!” but she was laughing so hard she couldn’t talk. so i just sat there and looked at her like a retard. (“McKlatch, why are you looking like a retard”)

so thats all nice, someone said that they liked the name of the team in my new game which isn’t called timelord! i think it’s nice, but it could use an acronym! so if you have any ideas do post a comment!

be in later, peace!
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Yo Mcklatch…
for your game how about
the Tactical Weaponry Assault Team?
or Nambla

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