Mardi Gras 2007


we don’t celebrate the Gras here in England, but we hears about it. apparently you get beads. Got Beads?

i was in Orlando FL during Mardi Gra a mere few years ago. i got beads. i missed pancake day in Europe, but i got beads. so it’s really ok.

that is all i actually have to say on Mardi Gras

New drama script is up. i have lines to learn again, and an accent. i have to sound like i’m from the northern parts of the country of heroes. it’ll be a challenge, i only have to hold it for half an hour on the performance evening – which is in 3 weeks. i hope we get a good audience, i dont like bad audiences.

‘Terry Logic’ Sux

when i post T-Dog’s article on ‘Terry Logic’ disregard all principles with care.
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