It would appear that i am blogging from a mac today. it sux

I’m on the 7th floor of the tallest fortress at the De Montfort campus, in a “computer” suite filled with Apple Macs. I don’t like macs. while i am sitting in the correct posture in front of a very pretty flat screen monitor, and i am forced to suspend my hands in a politically correct manner above the keyboard, which is better for my wrists and will help to prevent carpel tunnel syndrome*, i still cant open a link in a new tab the way I’m used to – how hard does the new Microsoft have to make it to right-click?

I rly wanna right click right now, it’s my urge! but i can’t. because there is no second mouse button!

Macs are all the same – commie b words

anyway, i gotta go, I’m technically in a lesson right now, and i should be playing, sorry, paying, attention to the nice man behind me

*There you go Mellors, get a mac
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What do you called an oversized Apple Mac?

What do you call an Apple Mac?

What do you say to people with Apple Macs?


Who wrote Das Kapital?
Karl Marx

What did the drummer get on his IQ test?

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