Ma Habbotunity

I’m the one with the Yellow hoodie ^

i got an account on Habbo Hotel today, its not that good. its like MSN Messenger but you have an isometric figure to represent your existence in a chat room which is also isometric. in this picture i’m in my lil’ brother’s room, he has many things in it. to have things in your room, you have to pay moneys. there are many thousands of people doing this. this is sad.
My username is: McKlatch
My Password is: **************

I spent my daiye with Quezzie, we had a laugh!
we bumped into Mr. T (the one who has me on his ‘most hated’ list) in HMV and he seems to be doing well, he works at the moment and he’s looking at going into real estate. i think he may well prosper in this industry, and it will be strange to think that next time you meet a Realtor, he might have a ‘most hated’ list with yours truly at the top! (if you’re looking for real estate and you are telepathic please let me know why).

Dirge of Cerberus is a fun game. not as interesting though if you haven’t played Final Fantasy VII. I haven’t played Final Fantasy VII. it wasn’t as interesting.

I get Tim Horton’s cravings occasionally, now I’m not happy that they never opened (properly) in the land of heroes. i told Quezzie that if there was one around i would most definitely take her there. i want this to happen! if you can hear this, hear this: ooooooooooooooooooh Timothy!
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