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the finale wasn’t as pwnsome as other episodes. and I’m unhappy with the lack of the Hurley-bird which was featured in both of the previous finales. but it was made up for, it was, by Hurley in his hippy wagon!!!!! oh yeah!

Charlie is dead :(, he drowned, just as prophesied, not a merry death (lol – not a merry.. yeah). Mikhail might be dead too, i do not want this to be, he is so cool. and he can’t die, i mean, think about his recent experiences. Mikhail has had his head exploded, hes been beaten up by Locke (also in the head), and he’s been shot in the heart with a harpoon, he could still be alive from a mere grenade going off in his hand!!!!!!2!!!

Look at that picture -> isn’t he just pwnage!

also, flash-forwards! i could have been rly surprised about it, however it was spoiled for me by a 15 year old girl in Kent (hey Kayleigh)! it’s ok, i forgive her, she’s nice! Now, it’s like, i don’t want Jack to leave the island anymore, i think he should stay there and establish a mini civilization just like those losers did in
Shyamalan‘s ‘the village’. but then Jack doesn’t know the disappointment that he will experience when he gets home, so i guess in his lack of omniscience, he will just continue in trying to get everybody back home! aaaw!

wtfrag’s up with Locke?
i know he wants to stay on the island, camp it out and make it his home instead of going back to DJ’ing in Los Angeles. but it doesn’t mean that he has to stop everybody else from going home. he could just avoid getting on that helicopter! if he didn’t think about it like that then John Locke is a bitch. – but other than that, he’s cool!

I wanna explain my spin-off idea now, I’ve had it for a while! it’s set after the events of Lost, and it stars a cool dood called Hurley. it’s a sitcom btw, not a drama like lost. right, the premise, the protagonist, Hurley, has 160 million dollars, and has invested wisely, so he has a lot of money, he’s a multimillionaire! but, he is also cursed with rly bad luck – which leads to good television, what with its good excuse for humiliative humor and virtually any prop or service that costs less than 160,000,000 (yes, in one episode they all go to space “dood, this is way better than the island dood!”)

i leave you there!

“No man’s knowledge here can go beyond his experience.”
– John Locke (1689)
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