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it’s a rainy night, and we’re rollin’ down route 401 to get back to Milton. it’s so incredibly bad outside that we have to stop. luckily theres a Tim Horton’s at every single service station. for reference, Tim Horton’s PWNS Little Chef. we stop, i grab an iced capp (with a rasberry shot for an extra 25c) and we all sit around a table. we discuss how we have all had prophetic dreams at some point in our lives, it’s a deep moment… of silence. and then Gaetar says, “So we can all see into the future.”

The upper room of the sixth form block is being used for exams these days. theres always a morning exam, and an afternoon exam. when there arn’t any exams in there, thats where we hang. if we’re lucky, we have some privacy! anywho, the morning exam finished, so we (Me, Nosebleed, Quez, and CoGers) went in and found nobody else in there. GREAT! me and Nosebleed decide to sit at the exam tables near the door, so that everybody who looks through the window will think the exam is still on. with our best exam faces, we convince the crowd that they are not allowed in the room. then we had to go, so we left and saw masses of our fellow students waiting for the exam to finish so that they can come in. PWN3D.

on the phone with Quezzie at the moment, talking about licking eyeballs and brains. which one’s worse?

I received my full European drivers license this morning in the post. this is nice. it’s pink, i still have long hair in the picture. sorry, no scans!

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In Egypt the driving exam consists of driving backwards and forwards.

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