Life Goes As Fast As Your Phone Rings

My phone broke yesterday. my Motorola V3-RAZR broke!

it was in a fight it was. he kicked the back o’ me knee so dat ah fell over, then there was punchin’ kicken’, grabbin’ (not as good as it sounds), at one point he even put ‘is fingers in me nose and dragged me a yard or 2 across the floor.

It happened in a fight. I was kicked in the back of my knee such that i had fallen over, then i was punched, kicked, and handled in unspeakable ways. At one point, my opponent had lodged his fingers into my nostrils and dragged me roughly one meter across the ground.

luckily i’d discovered spray on plasters!
if only i had gotten hold of some.

anyway, the fight was nasty. i fell such that my phone took impact on it’s side and the liquid crystal display was leaking inside the screen in the form a crack – we call this, a crack in the screen! i have reverted to my previous phone now, i got it for 3 pounds (6.00 usd) on eBay! my ring tone is no longer Big & Rich’s ‘Save a Horse (ride a cowboy)’ it is now a simplified rendition of the exorcist theme tune.

oh well, life could be worse! – no wait, come to think of it, the worst thing that could ever happen in anybodies life is the loss of a Motorola.

naaah, just kid…. but….

meh, peace!

p.s. i wasn’t actually in a fight
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Annoying, the V3 looks a decent phone.

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