Learning liek a Student

srolleM <3 GlaDOS: 1953 - aperture science begins operations as a manufacturer of shower curtains
McKlatch: no wai
srolleM <3 GlaDOS: yes wai
McKlatch: this is your fault, i didn’t spell wai ‘liek’ taht untill you did yesterday
srolleM <3 GlaDOS: don b hatin
McKlatch: lol i put quotes on the wrong word
McKlatch: fag
srolleM <3 GlaDOS: LAWL
srolleM <3 GlaDOS: #fail

Srollem, which by the wai is Mellors Backwards, had everything to do with the chat above, and nothing to do with the video below.

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Three things…

1) I went to Tim Hortons in Niagara Falls! That dude has issues with visa!
2) I was just thinking “McKlatch hasn’t done a vlog for ages! I miss those” and magically this appears. I am excited!
3) I am freaked out. I have only been away 3 months and you look older!!

p.s. I love the green screen 🙂

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