I’m behind in Graphics, i’ve known this for a while. i decided to start again because the content was a bit sux. the first few pages were ok so i was just gonna copy them from the old to the new. but then i stopped and thought “this is Graphics man, why didn’t you work like this when you first started.” then i thought about other bad things in my life and got sad for a little while. but i’m fine now – no emo razor blades for this blog! check out the comparison (I’ve had to blur the text to prevent plagiarism):

The one on the right is the new one. i think its better. it looks nicer and its more Mackintosh, which is the theme that my project has to be about (about: to orbit).

I’ve posted a picture or video in every post for the last few posts now, this is causing me laaaag. it actually takes time to load my blog now (Bloglag). but you know what, next time you’re waiting for it, just say to yourself, “hey, it just means I’m waiting for a more professional website!”

Lag in Counter Strike sux, it makes me get shot when i should have shot someone else. My game doesn’t feature lag! not just because the game is outside of time, but because on the back of the box it actually says “NO LAG”. Valve would never be that generous to their consumers (consumers: people who eat things).

Mellors is exporting a video as i write this post, it’s taking a while, like 1.5 hours to get 2 minutes of video. y’kno, the world of film editing isn’t that glorious. yet somehow, when we get round to doing it, you start editing, and you just don’t wanna stop until its done, and still you’re glad that its over. when you’re done editing you have to export the video, this takes a while. I left the link awards video to export overnight cos i knew it would take so long.
That took me 6 days that did – and all you have do is click play!

Lag in RL is like the worst thing ever!

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