Jumping on the bandwagon

Since this is a collaboration project and everyone else on that cunning clicky linky list over there on the right has already introduced themselves, I feel it would be rude not to join in.

So hello there. You look lovely today by the way. I like your shoes.

I’m Kate, aka Clem or The Younger Ansdell and thus far I appear to be the only contributor representing for the girls. Yes, “representing for” <--- I'm so gangsta!

I’m not a student, which means education is no longer getting in the way of learning for me. My life seems to work out quite randomly. The past few years have been an interesting cocktail of radio work, swanning about in America, and dull admin jobs to pay for the previous two, rather more entertaining occupations.

I like coffee, films and sport – most especially rugby. I am a fan of the mighty Northampton Saints and those who dare to speak against them face my (very scary) wrath. I drive a VW Polo. It doesn’t really have a name. When I speak to it I call it “Car”, although lately it seems to like being referred to as The Awesomemobile.

Hmm I think that about sums things up for now… watch this space…
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