It’s Cold Inside

I’m not lonely, I’m anything but lonely, if i need to see anyone it’s just a case of me calling someone and seeing if they’re about. I’ve been having good times with my friends recently! and it’s summer, which means many of them are out on a holiday somewhere – for most people, the great land of… Wales! two of my friends are in wales as i type this, my employers, Crazy Udder, are in wales too, a few friends of mine have just come back from wales, and good ol Nosebleed is off to the grand place on Wednesday! perhaps I’m missing something!

My friend ‘the Younger Ansdell’ is off to OH* on Wednesday, she’ll be gone for 3 months, and I’m rly rly going to miss her. She is a wonderful lady, I greatly admire her, and i look up to her a lot. I hope she has a great time over there, that she would stay safe and happy. O Ansdell, your closest Tim Horton’s is on State Route 17 in Calcutta, OH* just 43.47 miles away, follow route 30 to the east! i hate you. Lot’s of love!

Myspace, when i was wee, was for people who didn’t know how to make websites. they would join myspace, fill it with all those wimpy hax from pimpyspace or whatever it’s called and then they’d go, “yo hey, check out ma website!” and link ya to a myspace – which now, as far as social networking goes, sux.
then theres everything else, Tagged, Piczo, Facebook, what else am i on Bebo, xfire (xfire?), yes, xfire! they all do the same thing, just in slightly different ways, some more childish, piczo, others a bit more professional (and usable) like facebook!
but i found a way around all of this social networking nonsense, it’s called actually having a website, and i say this, if you wanna keep up with me, just visit ma site dood! and maybe your thinking “wheres the networking bitch (or whatever it is you’re calling me these days)?” then the answer is, sorry, i only cater to my friends – it’s safer than myspace. if you know me, and you have a website, clue me in bitch (or whatever i call you these days) and i can have a friends section, ON MY HOMEPAGE, and my ‘about me’ page. thats social networking, using proper internet theory, its safe and secure and we all get exactly what we want if we have our own websites.
short message for those who don’t know leetcodes (how to make a website): stick to facebook! please, just stick to facebook. and search for me, my name is David McClatchey. i joined a group the other week called ‘my last name is McClatchey’ who knew that there were so many of us!

we’re a few weeks into the summer, i haven’t seen many people for a long time. and there’s one or two people that i wanna see, but i don’t wanna call them. you’re probably thinking, why not you retard? (my typing seems a lot more abusive today, sorry guys) well it’s like this, with these certain people** it’s always me calling them “hey dood, it’s me, you wanna do something tonight?” and it’s like that every time, and i just don’t wanna call them anymore, because they never ring me *big sad face* now obviously, as a consequence, now i haven’t even heard their voices for a long time, and i miss them so so much, but I’m still not gonna ring them. that way I’m waiting, if they call me, then i know they miss me too, so everything is mutual, and we can hang together! if they don’t ring me, then i know they don’t wanna see me and their award for that is not getting to see me even tho i rly wanna see them.
like i said tho, i don’t feel lonely.
i just feel a bit left out.

not working till Saturday, i don’t rly have much to do, I’d like to see people tho. might be off to see Transfoymers on Wednesday morning! aww man, i miss America. you’kno, it was one year today since i took that Excedrin tablet in Queens and realized that medication in the US works a lot faster than our’s here! God bless Gas Stations, that said, check out this informatic diagram before i close, we’ll call this your moment of Zen!
those are gas prices from around the world, all converted into US dollars. look which city is the most expensive for Good ol’ Gasoline! peace!

*IO – it’s a state in the states**
**these people don’t read my blog
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Myspace – For Emos/Scene Kiddies
Bebo – For Chavs/Gangsta Kiddies
Facebook – For more mature kiddies

On that truth we can use simple conclusion:
Facebook > Myspace > Bebo

MSN – For your average dude
XFire – For n00bs and WoW addicts
SteamFriends – For the CSS people, most of whom have never gone to school

So from that:
MSN > SteamFriends > Xfire

Lee, you are quite right my friend!


Wow I’m in your blog! 😀 Fame at last! *hugs McKlatch* Will miss you too, and I’ll keep my eyes open for that Tim Hortons. Facebook me! (since I am clearly one who doesn’t know how to make a website) 🙂 x

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